• IONEXX® "IONX" Generator Rod Set

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    This 99.99% Pure Silver Wire rod set is two (2) 3-inch rods, one in 7 Gauge (0.144 inch, 3.66 mm diameter) and the other in 10 Gauge (0.101 inch, 2.57 mm diameter). This the OEM rod set for the IONEXX® "IONX" Ultrasonic Nano Silver Generator, supplied exclusively by Golden State Silver.
    One end is angle-cut and the other end is flush-cut. The angle-cut ends are inserted into your Nano Silver Generator's respective electrode receptacles. 

    About the Silver

    • Official OEM Rod Set for the "IONX" Nano Silver Generator made by IONEXX.
    • Backed by our GSS 4N+ Guarantee: 99.99% Silver Purity, or better.
    • Silver is known to kill over 650 known pathogens within 12 minutes of exposure (most within 6 minutes.
    • A paper copy of the Mill Certification of Assay (Chemical Analysis) included with every order.
    • We also stock 6 different gauges, and a multitude of different lengths, available in our store for your Colloidal, Ionic, Audio Wire, or other High Purity applications.